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Our Vision

Our vision is for a nation where every church fosters strong communities by focusing first on building relationship ministries that grow and support healthy marriages and strong families.

Family is the key to combating poverty, reducing crime, improving education, and increasing life-long happiness. It is the primary place where we first encounter faith and it can grow. A healthy family is the key to the life-long happiness of parents and their children. Churches are the most powerful change agents for this kind of cultural transformation because they are best positioned to create the ecosystem that allows personal relationships to thrive, healthy marriages to form, and strong families to grow.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

-John Adams

Why It Matters

Strengthening America’s Legacy of Freedom and Self-Government

Freedom requires virtue, virtue requires faith; faith requires freedom.

This trio of mutually reinforcing cultural goods—often referred to as “the golden triangle of freedom”—is the genius of America and the foundation of our liberty.

The Founders were unanimous: our Constitution would not work unless it was built upon a virtuous and religious society. They understood that religion and family life play the leading role in inculcating the virtues required for a functioning free society—honesty, self-control, and industriousness to name a few.

Self-government, as it turns out, requires government of the self. But as virtue in society wains, the need for greater masters over the people grows, effectively undermining the very system of freedom and self-government our Founders established.

Today, our nation’s human- and soul-forming institutions are in retreat. People have taken for granted– or simply reject – the very institutions that produce virtuous, self-reliant, and patriotic Americans capable of caring for themselves and others.

As a result, we see government inevitably stepping in to create order out of the chaos that ensues. The slippery slope to tyranny begins.

An avalanche of social science data show crime, joblessness, poverty and other much debated pathologies are frequently driven by destructive social and cultural norms.

This research also shows strong families and faith practices are the two most powerful ingredients for building human capital, boosting economic mobility, and providing meaning and purpose in life.

Before we can address major public policy challenges like dependency, drug and substance abuse, and lack of economic mobility, we must first decrease the social and cultural norms that feed these growing disparities among Americans.