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Our Strategy

Building up Social Capital by Strengthening Marital Bonds and Religious Observance

The Culture of Freedom Initiative (COFI) brings church leaders together with leaders in business to pioneer new approaches, such as the use of big data and micro-targeting, to empower faith-based ministries and nonprofits to drive healthy family and faith outcomes.

These institutions are credited by social scientists from Charles Murray to Robert Putnam as vital for building up “social capital”—the relationships, community bonds, and feelings of connectedness among people that make a society function.

These familial, religious, and civic support structures that once provided the ingredients for upward mobility have crumbled. Government dependence, substance abuse, and increased isolation take their place, setting off a chain reaction of poor health, economic, and relational outcomes. This group seeks to reverse this trend.

Outcome Measures


Strong families are the foundation for healthy communities, upward mobility, and successful children. The initiative empowers local churches and nonprofits to serve couples in crisis and strengthen marriage.


Faith and religion provide meaning, a sense of community, and the support structure for people in need. The initiative helps churches develop strategies to boost membership and weekly religious observance.

Smart Ministry

Empowering Churches and Nonprofits to Focus Help on the Hurting

At the heart of this effort is equipping churches to develop data-driven, full-circle relationship ministries shown to strengthen the four key stages of human relationship: single-life and marital discernment, pre-marital formation, marriage enrichment, and support for marriages in crisis. Then, leveraging predictive analytics and data insights, the initiative helps churches identify those most in need of relational healing and run microtargeted outreach and ministry experiences tailored to their unique stage in life.

COFI walks alongside churches following a three-step approach:


COFI serves your church by guiding you through a self-discovery process to identify the greatest relational and familial needs in your church and community.


Drawing from a toolkit of best practices, programs, and proven strategies, COFI comes alongside your team to support and train you in developing your own full-circle relationship ministry tailored to your needs.


COFI provides your church the methods and professional support to scale participation in your new relationship ministry and grow your church membership.